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Workout Routines

A Killer Glute Fast Mass Leg Workout

How is it going, My name is Seth Thurston from Madmuscle.com and that is my training studio, Thurston Personal Training at North Phoenix on 34th street downroad (Please Add the address if this is wrong). just about workout, legs but I want to show you a difference between muscle and fat. I have here 5 pounds of fat and 5 ... Read More »

How NOT to do bench press – Gym Fails

Hey, I am here at the gym, workingout and this guy doin best-dressed by himself and i hopefully, hopefully nothing happened but i’m not sure who it not to do. Checkinout, checkinout, checkinout, it really is but whoa alright so yes, Stephen just shows you what not to to do at the gym. Let me show you how to do ... Read More »