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Why Weight Training is Important

Weight training is for body builders – this is a popular myth. If you are under this misconception, it is time to understand what weight training is all about and the benefits it has to offer. Weight training for body building and fat burning are completely different. Each of these goals requires different types of workouts and diet programs. Weight training for fat burning helps you lose excess fat and maintain ideal body weight. However before you jump into weight training, you need to understand the basic methodology.

“I’m really proud of my curves and I hope all you curvy girls out there are embracing yours too!! It’s important to work out and be the best version of yourself that you can be. Be confident in yourself and you’ll shine!” says Kim Kardashian. If women go through weight training programs regularly, it will be so beneficial.

weight training

Here are a few benefits of weight training you must know about-

Increases muscle tone

One of the most obvious benefits of weight training is that it shapes your body and makes you look good. Weight training helps tone your muscles and burn excess fat. Within just a few months, you will be a slimmer version of yourself. Guaranteed! Apart from increasing lean muscle, weight training regularly will help you achieve a well-defined, firm body.

Michelle Powers is a teacher. At 37, she was unable to conceive because she was overweight. Michelle joined a weight training program and soon lost 33 lbs. She now has superbly toned muscles and feels young and energetic. She has a child and this super mom is more productive at work too.

Enhances metabolic rate

If you carry out weight training on a regular basis, it will dramatically improve your metabolism rate. With practice, strength training also becomes effortless. This means, without straining yourself, you can burn calories. Your metabolism rate will start to improve within 48 hours of training. This will not only help burn calories, but also sustain ideal weight. Weight training is very useful for people who are looking for long-term weight control.

Sustains weight

Muscles use energy more effectively than any other part of our body. Hence engaging in strength training is quite important for keeping your metabolism high. Weight training supports losing as well as sustaining weight.

Yields stronger bones

The most important benefit of including weight training as a part of your regular workout is that it makes your bones stronger. When you lift weights, stress is placed on your bones. This helps rebuild the bones and make them stronger thereby reducing the risk of fractures and other bone related issues like osteoporosis.

Reduces pain

Strength training programs reduce signs and symptoms of chronic conditions like obesity, heart diseases and diabetes. It also gives you good relief from back pain and arthritis.

Weight training for older people

When we get older, our digestive system and metabolism slow down leading to weight gain. Weight training need not be a long drawn, painful program. Simple exercises can produce moderate stress on muscles and are sufficient for maintaining the body weight.

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