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Get Lean With Non-Dairy

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A brand new category of products has started to hit the market. The demand for Non-Dairy products is continuing to increase so they keep creating more products to fill the demand. I was at the grocery store doing my regular shopping. I stay on the outside perimeter of the store because that’s where all the healthy items are located as ... Read More »

Heart Rate Monitors & How They Help You Burn Fat Faster

Heart Rate Monitors

How Heart Rate Monitor Works Heart rate monitors are transmitters which are strapped around your chest to gauge your heart rate. A receiver, in the form of a wristwatch, displays the data collected during your workout. Some strapless models are also available which feature a sensor to detect your pulse. Heart rate monitors detect and monitor your workout metrics. Some ... Read More »

5 Biggest Fat Loss Myths and Mistakes

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If you find that you’re having a hard time in losing weight and keeping it off, then you may feel frustrated and disillusioned. The reality is that many of us try to affect that number on the scale, but it may be about much more than that. If you have had a hard time with weight loss, then chances are ... Read More »

Diet Vs Making A Lifestyle Change

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Are you one of those who have been trying to diet and lose weight? Or has someone told you making a few lifestyle changes would be a better option if you want quick results? No matter whether you are on a strict diet or not, a few essential lifestyle changes made under the guidance of a qualified professional nutritionist or ... Read More »