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Vitamin E toxicity

Reader Says:
I just read your article after recently completing a course of vitamin e, and having no idea that any such thing as vitamin e toxicity existed. (My literature was old, I guess.) I took 3000 IU of mostly dl-alpha-tocopherol daily for 17 days.

I credit the megadoses with contributing to healing my peptic ulcer. I have always noticed that megadoses of vitamin E tend to produce a nice feeling of well-being, at least for a while.

I am going to cut down my vitamin E intake, but I would say that I experienced NO negative effects whatsoever – the extra 3g fat was not even a consideration.

I will add that I ALSO was taking extra vitamin k, not so much to counter-effect the vitamin E, but as recommended for bleeding ulcers.

Detective’s Response:
Thank you for the comments. It’s good that you are taking control of your health and understanding how your body works. Notice how the reader also was taking Vitamin K while having a high dosage of Vitamin E.

And keep in mind you are mostly taking the synthetic version (dl-alpha-tocopherol) and depending on your metabolism, how active you are, etc will also affect how much your body absorbs.

Another thing to consider is the UL for Vitamin E is a rough conservative estimate.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

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