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Do ​Giant Sets For Giant Results

Giant Sets

Revealed: How to Overcome a Plateau and Greater Muscle Growth in Less Time, Without Working Any Longer OR Harder. My high school football coach had my entire team workout in the cold sometimes snowy morning at 5:00 AM 4 days a week year round. I want to share with you something I discovered during my own personal fitness journey working ... Read More »

Athletic Stance: Proper Form and Posture When Lifting

The Athletic Stance Every sport uses a slightly varied version of this “athletic stance” for instance basketball has what they call the triple threat. They have to keep their back arched, and knees bent, in order to keep their options open to shoot, pass, or attack the basket. In weightlifting we do it to maximize our lift, help us maintain ... Read More »

6 Things You’re NOT Doing To Maximize Your Results

I just got back from my ToastMasters meeting and was inspired from all the great speakers there so I decided to share with you something that I think will change your world. You may not see it as changing your world but it’s all about how you view it. If you take this information to heart and really apply what ... Read More »