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Seth Thurston – Master Trainer and Fat Loss Expert

Seth Thurston - Fitness Coach & Master Personal Trainer

Seth Thurston – Master Personal Trainer

Hey, Welcome! My name is Seth Thurston, I’m a Personal Trainer, Mens Physique Coach, Bikini Coach, and founder of MadMuscle.com.

I created Mad Muscle because I find myself answering popular questions, clearing up myths, and education my clients over and over again.

So I thought to myself…

Why not just write it down for everyone so I don’t have to repeat myself ever again?

So that’s what I did.

This website has all the things you need to know to put you on the right path to a younger looking, healthier, stronger and fitter new you! AND keep you that way for LIFE!

Let explain.. I’m a Personal Trainer and I give clients (and continue to give) life changing advice, fitness strategies in the form of workouts programs, nutrition, and mindset.

I just really have a passion helping others reach their fitness goals and achieve bodies they never thought possible. It feels great to have someone say “Seth changed my life”.

Just to be clear none of my clients have ever taken a “magical pill” or bought a gimmick off TV that you do 5 minutes a day.

They did all the work themselves (and work they did). I just helped them get their faster and avoid making very common mistakes. I did help motivate, inspire, and I did optimize the process.

Why should I listen to you? Good question, I’m glad you asked. (I would hope that you would do your research on me before taking my advice, or anyone’s advice)

I take my profession very seriously and it is my passion to help others. The clients I work with and have helped speak for themselves.

But just in case that’s not enough for you, and I hope it’s not here is more things you should know.

AZ-Foothills-LogoI’ve been selected by Arizona Foothills as a trendsetter and leader in the community.


You might have seen me live on Channel 12 in segments:





I am the Official Trainer of Miss Maricopa, Miss Phoenix, and Miss Scottsdale Contestants of the Miss America Beauty Pageant Organization.beauty-pageant-preparation







I have years of experience training clients just like you, helping them reach their fitness goals such as:

  • Get rid of that last 5 lbs
  • Lose 80+ lbs
  • Build lean muscle and create definition
  • Tighten and sculpt the body
  • Feel and look younger
  • Become healthier, Get in shape
  • Conquer NPC Competitions, and Beauty Pageants

I’m going to share untold fat burning, muscle toning strategies, anti-aging tips, and motivation that you can’t get anywhere else or at least the CORRECT information that works for your body.

My personal training clients pay me anywhere from $720 – $1000 per month for this information!

I’m NOT going to charge you $100 or even $29 for this advice.

I’m giving you the SAME tips, tricks, and strategies I tell my personal training clients for FREE!

Why am I doing this? I want to make this information available so that my clients as well as the public have a source to receive reliable, tried and tested information that actually works.

All I want you to do is if you find something that you find useful and changes your life please share the information with others.

My training grounds at Thurston Personal Training is my fitness studio that services the local Phoenix residents in person. It’s designed to tone and shape the body by building muscle, ultimately creating more symmetry and a better hour glass figure. Completed with posing stage, posing mirror, and video camera to watch yourself this makes it the perfect place to train for symmetry and work on your posing. Thurston-Fitness-Training-in-Phoenix-Arizona







Weights alone wouldn’t complete a training system so I created iCardio Fitness is designed for full body toning, to burn off all that unwanted body fat and extra calories through HIIT training! Different from Thurston Personal Training, iCardio stimulates the After Burn Effect with it’s 4 HIIT workout.icardio-fitness-studio






If you want  in person training or have additional questions or feedback, feel free to Contact Me and I will write back to you or create a video just for you!


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