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Three things consumers should consider when choosing a gym to workout at:

The new year is approaching and this is when everyone starts thinking about starting a workout program to get ready for the summer.
I put together the 3 MOST important things to think about when looking for a gym to start your workout regimen.
1. Reviews – You want to research the online reviews of several gyms and compare the highest reviews. This will tell you a lot about each gyms customer service in terms of on going support, or during cancellation which is a big deal because some gyms make it a drawn out process. This will give you an insight in the staff, cleanliness, atmosphere, and fees.

2. Instruction – Highly consider if you want a gym to do your own program or if you will be seeking fitness instruction. Smaller boutique gyms have more energetic atmospheres, friendly and knowledgeable staff, great member comradery. Each boutique have different specialized group workouts so depending on your goals and workout preferences you will want to consider the style of each training program. You can also hire a personal trainer as an option if you don’t like the group environment and want a customized program, more attention, and more accountability.

3. Cost – Cost is definitely a factor and should be considered with the end in mind. Lots of gyms bank on the fact that you will pay them a low fee and never attend that’s why the fee is so low. Others charge a fair rate and include more accountability, regimen created for you by knowledgeable trainers to stay on track with your goal. Getting a training program may be more cost effective when you compare the two popular options. Reach your goal in three to four months or pay for a membership for a year, never attend, and never reach your goal. To me wasted time is far more expensive.

My best advice: I would recommend doing research and then trying out at least three options so you can get an idea what’s out there, what atmosphere is best for you, and don’t forget it needs to be convenient.


If you are in the Phoenix Area I would highly recommend Thurston Personal Training which has 1 on 1 options and group options or iCardio Fitness which is a intense body fat torching group regimen.

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