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The Mad Muscle Journey

I know information is great, but it can get a little bit overwhelming!

So.. I did my best to take what I thought is some of the most important articles AND organize them into something that hopefully will make scene of it all for you.

Not only did I select some of the most important information. I organized it in the order I believe it’s relevant based on where you are at in your fitness journey.
I selected things from Beginner to Advanced and everything in between.

I call it the “Mad Muscle Journey“.

A collection of the MOST important content – workouts, tips, science, motivation, testimonials, stories, recipes and videos.
I add to it as often as I can.

So lets get started!


#1 Biggest Mistake Beginners Make – Often times the most important thing you need to know is exactly WHAT NOT TO DO. So I created this lesson to go over a few mistakes I often see beginners and even intermediate lifters make. Just enter your email in the box above to receive the link.

#2 Goal Setting – Skipping goal setting is a huge mistake. How can you pick the right program if you don’t know what you are trying to accomplish? Setting goals helps keep you motivated and accountable to yourself along the way. And believe me we all hit places where we are unmotivated at times.

#3 Choosing The Right Gym – Now that you planned what you want to accomplish, time frame, and a rough idea of how your going to make that happen. You need fitness tools to get to work. Finding the right fit for your fitness level and style of choice is the next step.

#4 You Need Weight Training (Not Just Cardio) – When deciding what facility has the best tools for your situation, don’t forget that cardio is not the sole solution. It’s also not the best place to start. You need both.

Myth* I Only Need Cardio To Burn Fat – Doing HCG, Lots of Cardio, 500 calorie diets, may start tipping the scale in the right direction, but you will quickly plateau. Set your sights on long term success or you will only end up worse then before.

#5 Find A Mentor or Coach – Everyone that takes what they are doing seriously finds a coach or mentor to assist and improve their skills and knowledge. From a beginner to professional athlete, coaches are NEEDED and used. You can’t except to know everything about everything but it is important to find the right coach that will assist you in what you need.

Nutrition Tip* Start Making Small Changes – Every big goal starts with one small decision. Start getting closer to your fitness goals by making one small nutrition change at a time and sticking with it.

#6 Plan What to Eat Before your workout

#7 Plan What to Eat – After your workout

Nutrition Tip* Dairy FREE – Many people are intolerant to dairy, I’m one of them. I can handle Greek Yogurt but other yogurt doesn’t digest well. In my experience training clients and trying to get them lean and losing body fat faster, dairy slows down the process.

#8 How To Stay Motivated – You’ve started to workout now, but you are quickly getting discouraged, starting to skip workouts more often, or not getting good workouts.

Nutrition Tip* Time for more small changes – You’ve made some nutrition improvements, and you are starting to see results. Just maybe not fast enough right? Lets keep tracking in the right direction.

#9 I’m working out and Eating Better But I don’t have Abs Yet!!! – Calm down, clam down! You will get there, but first you need to eliminate all the body fat covering the abs. Sure working the abs can help but make sure you prioritize your workouts and nutrition above training abs.

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