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Online Personal Training

How it works:

We work with clients all over the world, so no matter where you live, you can have the best personal trainers at your side helping you achieve your fitness goals. We work with all kinds of clients, fitness levels, and goals from beginners who have never worked out before to more advanced clients looking to do a fitness competition!

An important, unique thing about working with Seth Thurston, is that we do not automate our system. We customize the entire program based on where you are currently, your current fitness level, your goals, time frame, and work around any injuries or limitations you might have. No matter where you are starting from we can help you improve, after all everyone has to start somewhere.

Online Personal Training – that’s what we call it but think of it as just an extension of our knowledge to get you the same results as if we were sitting right next to you. You will have full access to us to ask all the questions you want. We want to make sure you not only have the right program and plan to reach your goals but the right support and accountability you need to stay on track. And Don’t forget about tracking your results that another part of what we do to make sure that you are staying on-point.

Accountability – We will have you send us your weight, pictures, measurements so we can track your results and modify the plan as needed.

Contact us to setup a free phone consultation

The FIRST once you are ready to start your transformation, is to contact us and setup a phone consultation. We can talk about your goals and how we can help. We can explain things in more detail, and help give you some advice and direction. Once we get all the details from you that we need to understand your current situation, and hear all your goals/time frame, we can setup a plan and go from there.

Contact us to start your online personal training!

Here are some clients we have worked with.