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Improve Your Health NOW!

The quickest and most effective way to better health!

Your health is the #1 asset you own. And the best part is everything you need to keep it healthy OR to help heal your body from disease are all natural and simple to use.

I won’t recommend something without reviewing it first.  Being in the health and fitness industry for as long as I have, you see products and fads come and go – all hype, no proof.

I don’t buy into hype.  In fact, it puts me off. So you can trust that these resources deliver results if you follow them. I believe they live up to any bold claims they make.

I’ve shamelessly listed one of my own e-books.  I know it may seem biased but I’m confident they deserve a place on their place on this list 🙂

Recommended Resources:
General Health

The Big Book of Anti-Aging Secrets
Your complete guide to anti-aging secrets that celebrities and plastic surgeon’s don’t want you know.No more wasting money on unnecessary supplements, lotions and creams that don’t do the trick.

A complete anti-aging system that will take off 5-10 years, restore your energy levels and fight of degenerative disease.




Old School New Body
FACT: Most people understand that both men and women MUST exercise in order to turn back the clock. But did you know that both men and women should essentially work out the same? Sure, men will use more weight, but the fear of women “getting bulky” is a MYTH… and read on. We’ll prove it to you with pictures!


FACT: You have been lied to if you think you have to lift massive weights hours a day to look like a total stud, or that women need to lift differently than men. We BOTH need LESS TIME in the gym, and we BOTH need the same basic protocol. Only the resistance will change.

FACT: You cannot find this youth-enhancing System anywhere else.
And Do It All In Just 90 Minutes A Week

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Recommended Resources:
Health-Specific Resources

Psoriasis Free For Life

by Katy Wilson, alternative medicine practitioner

Psoriasis is one of the most uncomfortable and unsightly diseases.  Even with the creams, medications and cortisone used to control the disorder, it’s still not enough since the body builds a tolerance to these meds.psoriasis-free-image-box-medium

According to Dr. Pagano, holistic doctors view psoriasis as symptoms of a ‘blood disease’ which occurs when the ‘cleansing’ organs (liver, kidneys, intestines) malfunction, causing toxins to accumulate in the blood.

Get your life and self-esteem back by curing your psoriasis.

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Heartburn No Moreheartburn-no-more-image-small

by Jeff Martin, medical researcher & nutritionist

If you acid reflux, stomach acid drugs could be doing more harm than good.  Using these drugs eventually because your body to stop naturally producing stomach acid, thus creating vitamin deficiencies and a whole slew of other problems – weakened immune system, digestive problems, etc.

Instead, see how to naturally STOP acid reflux.


Total Wellness Cleanse

If you’re looking to learn how to cleanse the PROPER way, then this is for you.total-wellness-cleanse-quickstart

This team of 3 (yes, 3) holistic practitioners and advocates will walk you through a full 30-day cleanse – without starving yourself or taking any snake oil type supplements.

They give you all the tools and resources to cleanse your body the way it should – as if you have your own personal nutritionist on hand (which you kind of do).

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