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How To Stay Motivated During Work Out

Many of us have the intention of starting to exercise, very soon at that! How many of us actually get down to doing it? Well, at least for me, it took about a year to actually join the gym (which, by the way, is right next door) and start working out.

Even then, I could not stay motivated for long. Before the first month was out, I was out of the gym. I invented a plethora of excuses for not having to exercise. I manufactured a variety of aches and pains in my body, cooked up urgent work that could not wait for tomorrow and so on and so forth.

After two years since I first stepped into the gym, today I am a regular. I have actually managed to beat the exercise blues and shed weight. What more! I am as
healthy as I can be and go about my day energetically. So, what changed me from being a lethargic blob to a motivated exerciser? You can do it too. Here are a few tips.

Find a friend in gym

When you step into the gym, look around and smile at people working out there. A couple of weeks of regular greetings is enough to help you identify a couple of friends. Form a group of maybe two or three and work out. Believe me, this is one of the best ways to keep you motivated. If you hit it off with your physical trainer, nothing like it! A special rapport with your trainer will definitely compel you to keep going back.

stay motivated during workout

Set realistic goals

Establishing realistic goals is another important factor that will get you the best results. These goals should be measurable as well as attainable based on your body and position. Once you have done this, you can divide your long-term goal into several short term goals. Write the first goal on a chart and keep it in your bedroom, workstation and study desk or in any place where you see it often. After the specified period of time, check whether you have achieved the goal. If you have, give yourself a small treat in the form of a dollop of mouth-watering ice cream or a delicious piece of cake.

Schedule your workout

Planning your workout meticulously will definitely help you stay motivated. You have to decide on how many days in a week you want to work out for. Make a note of these days on the calendar along with the timings that will be convenient to you. Heather Couch is a mother of two. She was size 14 not too long ago and now she is in size 1. What she does is simple. For the past six months, she has consistently been working out at the gym four days a week, 30 minutes per session. She continues to work out in spite of reaching her goal. That is dedication for you!

Try a variety of activities

Design your workout routine with diverse exercise methods to beat boredom. And most importantly, the activities you include must be enjoyable for you, which is the only way to get you to eagerly look forward to them. A few exciting activities you can try include yoga, hula hoop and playing group outdoor games with family or friends.

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