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Circle of Events – Habits Strategy And Mindset


I want to talk to you about about a circle of events. What I want you to think about is where is the beginning and are you in that circle.

This circle involves habits, strategy, and mindset.


I had a potential client call me the other day and wanted to talk about her situation and possibly about starting to workout.

I asked her when the last time she worked out was. She said it’s been a while.

Look I’ve been doing this a while. I know better than to go with vague answers I like having all the details and definitions.

To me working out is 3-5 days week for about an hour, with religious intensity. That’s my definition.

Also when I define someone as disciplined it means they have a specific, defined routine/program that they make a commitment to. In addition to that in a health and fitness lifestyle it means they don’t miss more than a week or two maybe a month of working out in an entire year.

Now that you know my definition let’s get back to my potential client.

1She hasn’t worked out consistently for about 10 years, even 10 years ago it wasn’t with intensity or with discipline just going to Yoga every now and then, maybe a run or a hike, but no definite routine.

She has kids. She’s a hard working high earning professional women. She’s been done with school for a while, her kids are growing older, and she has more time on her hands then ever before in her life.

But she still isn’t motivated to workout or develop a routine in anything specifically fitness and nutrition.

She is telling me she has less energy, no motivation, and she doesn’t sleep good. All three of these more so than anytime in the past. Which is leading to not working out and not eating good.

Importance of Habits


I believe strongly that being able to develop a routine is what will lead you to success. Not only in fitness and nutrition but in other aspects of life and your goals.

You see you usually make a new commitment to something in a time of your life when you are feeling GOOD, when you are in a time when other CHANGES are being made, a time when you are INSPIRED. But do you stay inspired everyday? Do you always have a good day? Are you always feeling good? No.

That’s where habits come in GOOD or BAD habits.

When the time of inspiration, your good day, your vacation is over, your seminar on success with great speakers like Tom comes to an end. You are back to reality.

What keeps you going?

The only thing that can keep you going long term is developing habits that eventually become a part of you. It’s just what you do. You do it because it needs to be done. You may not feel like it today but you understand that you will be glad you did it benefit from it.

There is lots of habits you can develop.

  • Complimenting at least 1 person a day.
  • Going out of our way to do something good for 1 person a day without expecting anything in return.
  • Reading for 30 minutes a day.
  • Going to exercises for 60 minutes a day.
  • Habits outweigh motivation any day of the week.

How do you create a habit, you might ask? Well it all starts with what habit you want to create and developing a strategy and time management.


Now I want to get right out there that there is no such thing as a perfect strategy.3

If you have never heard it before. It’s called IMPERFECT action.

You can plan, and plan, and plan, and while you are still planning you never start and lose the motivation that got you inspired to want to start in the first place.

Set a time in your schedule, on the specific days that you want to do the action item, the task that will allow you to eventually accomplish your goal.

If it’s working out then look at your schedule, and plan exactly the best days to go and stick to it. Just going randomly wont work, because we as humans work best when we develop a routine. That’s why going early in the morning usually works best. Because you can get it over with before anything can disrupt your schedule. And you have to be realistic, things are going to throw you off track.

That’s why you have to strategize to create the most efficient flow in your daily planning of activities. Your schedule might change week by week making it impossible to go consistently, well then as part of your routine you will have to make a day each week that you plan for the next week to avoid “I forgot to schedule my workout”.


Now that I’ve talked about habits, and strategy. I’m going to say that mindset IS extremely important. But don’t confuse mindset with motivation.

There is a difference between being motivated to do something and having a mindset of positivity, peace of mind, accomplishment.

Mindset is choice that you make in the morning when you wake up.4-300x188

Is today going to be a good or bad day? It’s really up to you.

I would highly recommend having affirmations each day that you say and repeat 5 times before you leave your house.

Controlling what you think about. Do you fill out mind with things on the news? All the bad things that happened in phoenix, united states, and around the world? Or do you fill your mind with success stories, inspirational messages from great speakers?

I’m not saying to ignore what’s happening in the world. But definitely keep it in check.

In order to stay motivated you have to keep your mind focused on what really matters in your day.

Circle of Events

Do you see how this circle can happen?

If you don’t have habits or a routine, it means that you have to think about working out everyday. Well what happens on the bad days where you have problems you’re trying to solve, something bad you’re thinking about? You probably won’t go. And if to many days go by it gets harder and harder to start again.

And usually when people don’t workout they stop trying to make health focused decisions.

If you don’t workout or eat right, it leads to less energy, less self confidence. Bad nutrition can cause you to not sleep well. If you don’t sleep well you have even less energy the next day to workout.

All of that will cause self doubt, and put you in a negative mindset.

I want to challenge you to not let yourself get inside this circle.

But to create a strategy, that leads to a habit the leads to a positive mindset and a way of life.

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