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Athletic Stance: Proper Form and Posture When Lifting

The Athletic Stance

Every sport uses a slightly varied version of this “athletic stance” for instance basketball has what they call the triple threat. They have to keep their back arched, and knees bent, in order to keep their options open to shoot, pass, or attack the basket.

In weightlifting we do it to maximize our lift, help us maintain proper form, and prevent injury.

1. Always Keep Your Head Straight


– Keeping your head straight helps you keep your body aligned, symmetrical and structurally strong. It prevents the rounding your back, avoids neck strains, and other strains or injuries caused by looking around and not paying attention to what you are doing.

In gymnastics they teach you to look the direction that you want to go. So if you are doing a backflip, you look behind you. If you are doing a 360 you look to the left (assuming that’s the direction you will begin rotation).

In weightlifting you want to keep your back neutrally arched at all times and looking up or straight eye level helps you achieve this. NEVER look to the side when lifting because chances are during a lift you are not moving laterally. Yes on deadlift believe it or not you want to keep your back at a neutral arch, and just because the pro’s do it with a rounded back doesn’t mean you should.

2. Pinch Your Shoulder Blades, Chest Up








– This puts your body in proper alignment, from strong shoulder positioning, to maximal spine support. This will prevent you from straining a muscle in your neck or back.

3. Bend Your Knees Slightly


– There are many reasons that you should get in the habit of always bending your knees before doing anything. The main reason in weightlifting is so that it protects your knees and avoids and sort of hyperextension of the knee join.

In giving speeches you are not supposed to keep your knees locked because it puts too much pressure on the knees and prevents blood flow that will lead to you passing out. If a speaker if supposed to keep his knees bent AND HE ISN’T DOING ANYTHING, then you should be damn sure that you should literally always bend your knees slightly.

4. Neutral Back Arch

– Never round your back. Let me say it again. Never round your back. You must keep your back in a neutral position to slightly arched in order to maintain maximally strong strong spine and structurally ergonomical position.


5. Balance Your Weight Evenly

– Before you begin your lift start by balancing your weight on your entire food evenly. Continue to do so to the best of your ability for the duration of the exercise.

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