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Acai Berry Juice

Here we’re going to talk specifically about acai berry juice. If you want information on plain ol’ acai, click here for it. And if you’re looking for product reviews then check out the Acai Berry Reviews section.

Here you’ll get background information on acai berry juice, the benefits they have and what to look for if you’re going to buy acai juice.

With so many sites offering acai it’s important to know what to look for!

Time to break out the magnifying glass…

Background Info

It would be nice if we could get fresh acai but right now it’s close to impossible for that to happen. I’ll explain why soon.

I will say that the juice form is just as beneficial. Here are a few reasons the acai berry is only available in its juice form (as opposed to the whole berry version)…

The first is acai has a very short lifespan. Just like when you cut into an apple and leave it out… you’ll notice the apple starts to turn brown after a while. Once the acai berry is picked from its tree, it starts a downward spiral from dark purple to brown very quickly.

So to keep it as fresh as possible they either freeze it or turn it into juice. Even when shipped within Brazil acai is either frozen or made into its juice form.

The next reason is because only about 25% of the berry itself is edible. The rest of the space is taken up by its inedible seed. Acai is only a little bit bigger than a blueberry. So to really get your money’s worth you’d have to eat a lot of acai berries to get the health benefits from it.

And the last reason is that the Brazilian government has restrictions on exporting the acai trees & seeds. They probably want to keep the title of being “home” to the acai berry. Pure economics but it makes sense.

I am a big advocate of eating whole, natural foods. But for right now it’s highly improbable in this case. Unless you book 2 plane tickets to Brazil (one for me, of course), go to the Amazon forest and eat the berry straight from the tree.

This leaves us with acai berry juice and other acai berry products.

Is the Acai Juice Worth the Squeeze? Yes and No

Acai berry juice is quite expensive. A 16oz. bottle of the pure, organic juice is around $30.

And acai only became popular back in 2004. And so far there’s been a good amount of research on acai. But… the verdict is still out on this one. More research needs to be done to get a better understanding of just how beneficial acai is to your health.

But let’s go over some of the potential health benefits discovered thus far.

In short, some of the benefits include:

  • Rich in anthocyanins which can reduce inflammation, protect the blood vessels and the nervous system.
  • Has a lot of polyphenols – this may help in the fight against cardiovascular disease and cancer
  • Has many essential amino acids – great for muscle repair and function
  • High in fiber and loaded with healthy fats

Detective’s Verdict

Acai has a lot of potential health benefits to it and shows a lot of promise. It’s just a little bit on the expensive side and it’s availability in only the powder or juice form is what keeps me from saying this superfood is a must to add to your diet. But if you’re pressed for time this can be a quick way in getting your daily antioxidants.

Also, in the book The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth, it says the author spoke to one researcher who stated even though acai has a lot of beneficial nutrients it can be found in other sources as well (i.e. tea, wine, other fruits and veggies).

Some things to keep in mind when buying acai products and acai supplements.

Some Guidelines When Buying Acai Berry Juice

1. Best to buy organic – At the very least it should be USDA organic. Just look for the USDA ORGANIC label.

2. No preservatives or added sugars – there are a few ingredients to look out for when looking at the labels

  • High fructose corn syrup (a refined sweetener linked to diabetes and obesity)
  • Sugar (refined table sugar)
  • Sucrose (also a refined sugar)
  • Sodium benzoate (a dangerous chemical preservative)
  • Apple juice (a filler juice and natural sweetener)
  • Grape juice (also used as a filler juice)

3. Make sure it is 100% pure juice – no water added, no sugar, preservatives, etc. It should be thick and not blended with anything else. The top choice would be 100% pure juice and the next best choice would be 100% pure juice from concentrate.

4. Online vs. in stores – I highly recommend getting acai juice from a supermarket such as Whole Foods, health food stores, or supermarkets that sell health foods. If you feel compelled to buy online then make sure it has a positive rating with the BBB and stay away from the “free trial” offers.

If you’re going to purchase online, then it’s best that you purchase a supplement that has more than just acai in it. The reason I say this is because antioxidants are more effective for your body when they work as a “team” instead of individually.

One of the best (and few) supplements I recommend that contains acai berry, which you can find here:


It’s one of my favorite antioxidant supplement because it also contains a synergistic blend of powerful antioxidants such as coffee berry, biovin grape (same antioxidants as red wine), acai berry, green tea, and pomegranate… all in one supplement.

Try it. They have a 60-day money back guarantee for all their products if you don’t like it.


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