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5 Biggest Fat Loss Myths and Mistakes

If you find that you’re having a hard time in losing weight and keeping it off, then you may feel frustrated and disillusioned. The reality is that many of us try to affect that number on the scale, but it may be about much more than that. If you have had a hard time with weight loss, then chances are that you are looking at the wrong things. It’s really all about losing and shedding fat, and not just what you see reflected on the scale each week.fat loss

Sure your weight factors in, but it’s really about losing fat that will sustain you into the long term. You want to transform and change the shape of your body to enjoy long term results. You want to be sure that you are making healthy lifestyle changes, and that’s why it’s important to highlight the myths out there. These five myths may be what is keeping you from making progress, and so it’s time to make some positive changes once and for all. Here are the myths to understand and work through to get to the results that you really want.

1. You only need cardio to lose weight:

This may be one of the worst myths out there and yet what so many people focus on at the gym each day. If you want to lose weight and also change the shape of your body, then it’s really all about a good mix of activities in your workout. Rather than just doing cardio, you need to add in a great deal of strength training. Not only will strength training help to add muscle tone and definition to your body, but it can also burn more calories as well. Combining cardio with strength training makes for a very effective workout that sheds fat, revs your metabolism, and transforms your body in the right way. So start lifting!

2. You can eat whatever you want after a workout:

Contrary to popular belief, you can’t eat whatever you want post workout. Yes your body is burning calories like crazy and yes your metabolism is working efficiently, but you still want to fuel yourself with the right foods. A combination of the right food groups such as whole grains and lean protein, or a nice fruit or vegetable thrown in is ideal. Don’t undo all of your hard work after a strenuous workout by eating whatever is put in front of you. Eat a small snack before for fuel and then give your body something healthy and delicious after the workout to help solidify the results.

3. You can lose a lot of weight quickly and keep it off:

If you go for one of those popular weight loss strategies that push quick weight loss, you aren’t doing yourself a favor. The way to lose weight and fat is to do it slowly and properly, and that’s the only way you will keep it off. Trying to go at it quickly will only give you false results at first that you won’t hold onto. It took awhile to gain the weight, and now it will take awhile to lose it. Take the time to shape and transform your body rather than to go for a quick approach that will not stay with you in the long term. Slow and steady wins the race!

4. You only need to change up one element of your lifestyle to lose weight for the long term:

Sure it’s tempting to believe that eating the right foods is the surefire way to lose weight. Though you may think that it’s about working out more, there is much more to it to enjoy long term fat loss. You need to make a lifestyle change and therefore adapt to healthier ways. So it’s about eating the right foods in the right way, working out regularly and properly, sleeping well, managing your stress, and adapting to a positive mindset. It all matters in the big picture!

5. The latest trend is probably worth a try if all else has failed:

Forget about the workout of the moment, and ignore the latest diet trend out there. These are short term attempts at giving you results, and they will leave you disappointed. If you have had past failures then look at changing your lifestyle for the better. Even if the latest trend or fad sounds good in theory, it’s more than likely going to leave you feeling frustrated and falling back into your old ways. So make effective changes that really matter and hold onto them moving forward!

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