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3 Seconds to $5.2 Million

3 Seconds to $5.2 Million

Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken 
~Warren Buffett

You’ll often hear me say and others that your goals are achieved by taking small action steps. (Dave Ramsey calls them “baby steps”)

before you say “…I’ve heard this before”

Let me tell you a story!

In the 2017 Kentucky Derby horse “Always Dreaming” won with a total winnings of $5,284,325. Second place horse “Lookin At Lee” left with winnings of $886,329.

That’s $4,397,996 MORE money for 1st place. They did the exact same thing but Always Dreaming was just a fraction faster.

Always Dreaming didn’t finish 6 times FASTER; however, his winnings were over 600% GREATER!

He won by 3 seconds. He won by 3 horse lengths – 288 inches. $4,397,996 MORE to finish 3 seconds faster and be 288 inches in front.

Actions lead to small wins that result in substantial wins.

Keep your perspective in mind as a different of only 3 seconds for 1st place resulted in 4 million MORE. As you think about your goals, your action steps, celebrate every win no matter how small.

You don’t need to improve by 600% in one day, you just need to be a little better. Just be 3 seconds faster, lose 1 lb of body fat, do 1 more pull up, get 1 more client to help.

Small wins lead to HUGE victories!

You were given a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Seconds that you can’t get back.

Today is a once in a lifetime. What are you going to do today?

Are you going to use that gift to get you closer to your goals?

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