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3 Exercises That Build Great Bodies

It may sound too good to be true, but yes there are 3 exercises that can really help to build great bodies. These are compound exercises that work in various body parts for a true overall burn. Though you do want to concentrate on each body part one at a time at the gym, these can be great as time savers. They are very efficient exercises that ask the whole body to get involved and the end result is truly amazing.

Sure you still want to keep up with some of the best exercise out there. You want to get in your fair share of squats, lunges, pushups, lifts, presses, and the like, fitness exercisesbut these exercises give you a great value for your workout investment. Try to incorporate them into each and every workout, and watch out for great results that
simply amaze you. Take the time to add in compound movements, some good cardio, and plenty of lifting and strength training and you will have a truly complete workout.

So though all elements of a workout matter, these three exercises are a must on every workout routine. They help to shape, tone, and burn away fat as you move through them. Take your time at first to perfect technique and then build up to additional reps, sets, and of course added resistance or movement when you are ready.

1. Burpees:

This is one of the best exercises out there as it asks the entire body to get involved in the act. Burpees help you to burn fat through cardio, and you are also adding muscle with each movement. Starting in the position with your hands and feet on the floor and then jumping the feet back is pure cardio. Then holding the plank position is great strength. Jumping the feet back up and then jumping up in the air is cardio, but it’s also getting each muscle group in on making the movement happen. This will be hard to do at first, so start with a modified version but work your way up for one awesomely effective movement.

2. Mountain Climbers:

This is another great fat burner that also happens to add in a major strength component. Start in a push up or plank position holding the body up simply from the hands and feet. Then as you move the feet up one at a time, using only your hands to support you this makes for a great upper and lower body workout. Great cardio incorporated here, but you are getting every single body part into the act and therefore making for an intense and truly great workout that you should do each day.

3. Planks:

You might not think that simply holding a position can give you that much power—but this movement proves it wrong! Planks are great because they concentrate on the core and the abs, but they also get the back, arms, and legs in on the movement. Try to perfect the traditional plank first and foremost and then work your way up to the more complex versions. Try to practice holding the position, in spite of your whole body shaking at first. Then add on to the amount of time you can hold, add in resistance, and try new variations for an extra burn. Though this is core intensive it will truly work your entire body!

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