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Do ​Giant Sets For Giant Results

Revealed: How to Overcome a Plateau and Greater Muscle Growth in Less Time, Without Working Any Longer OR Harder.

My high school football coach had my entire team workout in the cold sometimes snowy morning at 5:00 AM 4 days a week year round.

I want to share with you something I discovered during my own personal fitness journey working out at 5 AM in that old iron weight room, smelling of old rusted metal and body odor. It was also the first place I threw up during a workout.

What I discovered might shock you. But I’ll tell you more about what I found in just a second.

Have you ever done a workout regimen (… I hope you have worked out before right?!) and at some point you hit a plateau and your progress comes to a screeching halt!?

Has that happened to you before? Yeah… it’s frustrating isn’t it.

You’ve been working harder than you ever have, going to the gym more often, more consistently, eating healthier, more protein, and (pause) Nothing. No progress.

You’re probably doing everything right.

The bottom line is it’s not your fault. You just need to know what to do to flip the coin in your favor, back into results mode.

And what I uncovered in that weight room that smelled like feet, body odor, and hint of my throw up from yesterday was an out of the box training method will jump start your body back into getting “Mad Gains”.

It’s called a Giant Set.

This can be a great way to overcome a plateau, increase muscle mass and boost your metabolism to burn fat without changing anything else. I use this technique for my clients and myself.

I have to warn you, this is an advanced training technique and will tear sleeves and rip jeans.

A Giant Set is when you combine 3 or more exercises back to back with no break in between. One way of using it is to overload a muscle group to complete exhaustion.

For example during upper body you could superset bench press, with push-ups, then straight into cable flys.

This will go from a compound movement into a more isolated and targeted exercise causing an incredible burn that you and your body probably isn’t used to.

And the best part is..

This will cause hypertrophy to happen, which is when the muscle cells grow larger. Hypertrophy is like a cake rising in the oven ONLY when you have all the ingredients right.

This way of using a giant set will cause muscle hypertrophy like you’ve never seen before and leave that dreaded plateau in the dust.

You can utilize a giant set in more than just an overload method.

Let me explain.

Another effective way to use a giant set is to attack a smaller muscle group then head straight to a larger compound movement which contains that same muscle.

That’s what I call a Pre-fatigue.

An example of this would be Giant Setting leg extensions (targeting the quads) followed directly into an explosive set of barbell squats, finishing with body weight jumping squats. This is the reverse of an overload and a fantastic way to fix that lagging body part or target a specific area you want to improve.

Now you might be thinking “Seth I don’t want to build muscle I just want to lose fat

I have great news!

A Giant set can also be used to put you in fat burning mode by creating a high calorie burn which put your body into what’s called EPOC (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) which will burn even MORE calories and body fat for the next 24 hours.

That’s like putting $10 dollars in the bank and your employer matching you $10, so next day you have $20.

By Giant setting high energy, full body or compound movements you will greatly boost your heart rate and create an extreme calorie burn (in a short period of time) which creates the EPOC effect.

I love using this technique in my classes when it’s a day after a holiday to do what I call “damage control”. The other day I used this EPOC Method in a class and had them combine weighted burpees, clapping push-ups, and weighted jumping lunges all in a row with NO BREAK.​​

That really killed everyone! …wait I mean that I engineered a workout that caused effective fat burn.

And don’t be scared to try this there are always modifications for exercises every fitness level. You don’t have to do clapping push-ups:) (You could just do regular or even on your knees)

Don’t stay stagnant any longer. Put the pedal to the metal and drive out of your plateau by switching up your training with a giant set that you can use to build lean muscle and melt fat like butter.

And for more body toning and fat burning exercise and techniques like this that you can do at home, make sure to check out my SixWeeksToSixPackAbs transformation program or contact me for a complimentary consultation.

P.S. And remember, a compliment unsaid is a soul left unfed! Give someone a compliment today!

P.S.S You only have 86,400 seconds in a day that you only get to live one time. What are you going to do with your seconds?

Stay Fit,


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